How to Buy Newborn Baby Bows and Other Things to Be Aware of

When it comes to taking care of a newborn there are so many questions that parents need answering. These questions seem obvious like what to wear the baby, how to bathe the baby, what temperature is ideal for them etc. The answers to these questions seem obvious because we do these things for ourselves every day, but they are not obvious because what works for adults doesn’t always work for babies. So how do you dress a newborn? There are clothes and accessories that are made specifically for newborn babies like newborn onesies or Newborn Baby Bows for girls. You however still need to know how to use these items and at what time to use them. So keep the following in mind as you dress up and take care of your newborn.

Think Comfort

Comfort is crucial for your newborn. Choose clothes that are 100% cotton or bamboo. Try to stay away from synthetic fabric or wool and they can cause irritation on the baby’s skin. Don’t wear the baby pants or pant like clothing for the first couple of weeks till the umbilical cord heals. Buy clothes that snap on and off easily or clothes with zippers as it will be uncomfortable for the baby when you try to put them on or take them off.

Resist being tempted by cute clothes that you know will be stressful to get on and off. Babies grow very quickly, so don’t go mad and buy loads of newborn outfits. Sizes can vary between brands so choose clothes by weight and height, rather than by age. And spread out your buying by months or even weeks because once again babies grow very fast you have no idea! Look to your own outfit, then dress the baby accordingly.

Going Out

When dressing you baby to go out. Do not get carried away and dress your baby up in fancy clothes which will most likely be uncomfortable for the baby. You can use Newborn baby bows to add some flare to the outfit but you should stick with soft cotton fabrics. Just like with onesies you can get different prints and designs to add some color and variety. If you have a long-sleeve cotton shirt on, but feel like you need a sweater, then you probably want to change the baby’s cotton pajamas and put on some fleece ones or switch to a long-sleeve undershirt.

Likewise, if you feel overheated, chances are your layered-up baby does too. Their little hands and feet always look kind of purple at first, but this is 100% normal and does not mean you need to put on two pairs of socks under their pajamas. Likewise, don’t forget that newborns generally like to be kept swaddled up, so the blanket provides a whole other layer of warmth. If its severe cold weather like the winter, always dress your baby up in one layer more than you are wearing. When you get indoors you can take off some layers.

Dressing the Baby

Newborn Baby Bows

Prepare the baby’s wardrobe beforehand. As a rough guide, your newborn will need six vests, three sleep-suits, two hats, a weather-appropriate all-in-one and a few pairs of socks. You can go over this of course but this is a rough guide. Keep the baby warm by layering him or her up. Dress the newborn up in layers that can be easily taken off and put back on so you can regulate the baby’s temperature to fit the changing weather or room temperature.

Also, remember to pack spare blankets and layers when you go out. When dressing your baby experiment different ways and positions to see which is easier and most comfortable for you and your baby. You may find it easier to lay your baby on your lap while you put the top half of an outfit on. Then place him on a changing mat to dress his bottom half.

Experiment in the early days to find out what works for you and your baby. To put a vest on your baby, support his head and put it on from the back. As you carefully pull the front down, make sure the material doesn’t touch or constantly rub against his or her face. When it comes to bedtime, unbutton your baby’s sleep-suit and lay him on it. Gently place his arms and legs in the holes and do up the poppers. Go for simple designs that you can button up easily when you’re half asleep during those middle-of-the-night changes.

Protect your newborn’s skin by keeping it away from harsh chemicals. Don’t wash your baby’s clothes with harsh detergents. Use detergents made specifically for babies or natural/organic detergents. Your baby’s clothes should not be washed with the rest of the household’s laundry. If you’re putting the baby in a car seat or stroller gets one-piece suits with feet and hand covers and most of them have hoods too. Always keep the baby’s heads warm with a hat or a hood.

Baby Onesies

Newborn Baby Bows

For the first few months after you have your baby is born you will probably be spending all your time at home, taking care of the baby, bonding with the baby, feeding them and adapting to your new schedule, you’ll probably also have to time off from work (maternity or paternity leave) so you should make the most of it. In this time, it’s best to wear your baby those soft baby onesies. Most baby onesies come in white but you can mix it up with other colors too.

You can also get the ones with cute designs and witty sayings on the like “little rock star” “mum’s little helper” “daddy’s girl” etc. It will always bring a smile on your face and the face of visitors. When preparing for bedtime, make sure the cot is at the center of the room where the temperature is usually more evenly regulated. Do not layer up so much that that baby starts to sweat.

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